I came home this evening to some bad & very annoying news….. A Shutterstock artist has blatantly copied my work!!!!!
The so called COPYCAT is Shutterstock artist ‘SASHA YESIK’

I will be taking the relevant action, But I wanted to share this with you to raise general awareness about copying & to hopefully drum up some support too, please leave your comments below! Please feel free to post these images to your own blogs also, I would really appreciate it. This is something that effects all designers also.

Useful sites & organizations such as ACID (anti copying in design) are good to contact if you are concerned about any any copyright issues of your own.

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE! you can go to the original at SHUTTERSTOCK! I’m outraged:(

*see images below of my ‘Fun Floral ‘signature print & the cheap, blatant copy from Sasha Yesik.

Cheap & BLATANT COPY below……..