When the Leaves Leave

Hello Everyone it’s Thursday again and it is an unavoidable fact that the Summer is over and the Autumn is finally here. The mornings are darker, the days are shorter and we’ve all surrendered to covering up and putting away our colourful clothes.

On the brighter side, the Autumn is a beautiful season. The magic of having multicoloured trees and bushes as you pass by, the newly refurbished pavements with carpets of leaving leaves.   
I don’t find the Autumn to be a sad season at all. If anything, it’s the perfect ending to a summer and a dramatic start to the cuddly season.
This is why today I want to pay a small tribute to all of those leaves that leave us now.  We won’t be seeing them on trees for a few months, but we will surely be able to find them in loads of amazing prints and products. Here are a few fun and pretty examples. 
So bye bye Leaving Leaves, you will be missed, but we will decorate our lives with “you” until we get you back! Hope you enjoy today’s post, love Moni x
50’s Inspired quirky print by Rachael Taylor Designs

-Three Trees with Birds- by WowWall at Etsy.com

DIY Flower Clock at Urban Outfitters

Sliced Persimmon Salad Plate at Anthropoligie

Lotus Embellished Square Slouch Bag by Accessorize