Snow Angel

Hello everyone, happy Thursday!

I spent 5 hours in my car yesterday trying to get home from work on what normally would’ve been a 20 minute journey.  All of this chaos was caused by beautiful, white, fluffy, traffic jamming, slippy, cold snow.  During this 5 hour journey I started thinking about the irony of it all and then came across this short.
The Sony Vaio Online Script began with an initial scene written by John Malcovich. People then took the task to develop the story and 3 winners were chosen.
Snow Angel was one of them, created by Dare London.  It’s a still, intriguing and a little creepy story about a girl with an identity crisis in the middle of an unlikely family and a bundle of Doppelgangers. See what she does to make herself unique and be  With beautiful graphics this is a charming little short.

I hope you like it, love Moni!
Click to watch