The Exquisite Book

Hello hello!

One of my favourite gifts to receive as a present is nice book.  Not for reading (and I do love reading) but arty books.  My sister recommended this one and I think it’s a great idea and a very good present if you’d like to give something nice to someone who appreciates art.
The Exquisite Book is a project published last September by Chronicle Books. 
Based on a game called The Exquisite Corpse, the book is a modified version where one hundred contributing fine artists, designers, comic artists and illustrators are the players.
Divided into ten groups of ten artists, each with 2 weeks to complete their work. The first one was given a few words of inspiration to create their work, the next artist was shown only the page that came before them and had the job to continue the story and make inspiration for the next artist in line.  Apart from each others inspiration, only a horizon line that went from the left side of the page to the right hand side connected the pieces in the book. 
It is a very interesting book, amazing to look at and fun to try and understand and make out the continuation of the stories and the randomly connected twists and turns that happen within styles, techniques and visual narrative.
Not too late to add to your wish lists! Click Here to look at it’s website! or Here to watch a video about it.
Hope you have great Thursday! love, Moni!