Quilt Solution

Hello Everyone!

As you know I’ll be looking after the blog  until the end of next week and I thought, why not use each day to focus on one room of the house.  This Thursday I would like to talk to you about bedrooms.  How lovely is it to put a new duvet cover on.  Clean sheets, that gorgeous cool feeling like you’re getting into bed for the very first time. I love it!  What I don’t love is that every time I do change my sheets I end up wanting to also totally change my room decor.  I don’t know how all of you do it, do you have a colour coordinated room-duvet cover agreement?  I don’t, I can’t, prints rule my life and most of my house looks like a baroque collection at spring.
So I figured the one solution to all of this is a quilt!  I know it’s not a big discovery but there are some amazing ones out there that should solve all of our problems to stick to one happy room decor.  Today I would like to show you some beautiful examples courtesy of one of the prettiest shops around, Anthropologie.  If you don’t know it yet,  Anthropologie is a brand from the United States, they opened a store a couple of years ago in London and it’s definitely worth finding because it is a beautiful place to look at and buy.
Here are some of the super cute quilts for sale there.  Why don’t you check out their website as well?  Have a great weekend! Love Moni.