The Selby Book

Hello Everybody! Midweek already; we can start dreaming about the weekend now.  What will you do? Why not start a new book to add to your library, today´s home spot of the day.
A good library is a key part of a home and today I have a suggestion for your next addition.

The Selby Book is a project started by portrait, interiors and fashion photographer and illustrator Todd Selby.  His idea was to show the world a little peek into the living spaces of creative and somehow famous people. He began by showing his photos on his website and soon he started getting numerous requests from people wanting to feature their homes.  He released his first book Selby is in Your Place last year with amazing response.

I love this book because it takes us inside amazing spaces that reflect the personality and charm in these people. It is no Cribs, you will find warm and intimate places, places with a presence and you will get inspired and amazed, even a little jealous.
So have a look at the website, and enjoy a bit of it. Have a lovely Wednesday, Love Moni!