Hello everyone!  It’s Moni here, I will be looking after the blog over the next few days while Rachael gets up to date with some other parts of the exciting Rachael Taylor Design world!  I’ve got a lot of inspiring new posts in store, so I hope you enjoy them.
Today I would like to introduce Nkuku!  
Nkuku is a company that offers beautiful products made by extremely talented artisans working in Africa and India.  I love it because it’s objective is to help promote the wonderful work of these artisans while giving them an equal opportunity through the principles of Fair Trade.
The’ve got some lovely products such as stationary, homeware, furniture and personal accessories.  It is not often that we find products which are made with a precise and personalized quality.  It’s very exciting to be able to participate in a real business where you appreciate the skill and technique put into something.  So take a look at some of my favourites and visit their website for more!
Enjoy Love, Moni!