Hello Hello! Did you have a good weekend?  Today I would like to invite you to have a look at my blog LiMoBliss!
I started this blog with the idea that I want to give people a little moment of bliss during their day.  I believe that it’s the LiMoBliss in life that make us feel happy.
So I have created this blog that features everything from images, songs, games, the famous poem post, videos and people who make lovely things with a lot of joy!

I am currently looking for people who have a business, are artists, singers, writers or do anything cool and interesting and are very happy doing what they do.
I would love to share your work and for you to answer a few questions for my interview section!  So if you would like to give others a LiMoBliss (Little Moment of Bliss) and share your work please click here!

Hope you take a break today and have a LiMoBliss! Love Moni!