Donna Heart – Student work

I LOVE sharing all the beautiful creative work from the e-course students. It’s really nice to see their lovely surface pattern creations in class along with see their other creations from their own artistic work also.

Today I’d like to showcase a selection of beautiful work from visual artist Donna Heart.

“The reason why I paint is because through painting I have discovered for myself the opportunity to explore my limitlessness and creative possibilities. I like to think that if I shine my light as I go along this journey, it may encourage others to look within themselves and unearth and dust off their own beautiful dreams and possibilities. As Katherine Centre puts it: you have to be brave with your life so others can be brave with theirs”

So I suppose that’s where my art and life collide. That in doing art, it both heals and directs me along my life’s journey.  It becomes a fuel that I must have in order to go forward and I love that it connects me to other people on a deeper soul-full level.
As journey’s go, there are always twists and unexpected turns in the road. One of those for me was discovering a hidden love for Surface Pattern and Design. I am at the absolute beginning of this creative journey but already I have been looking at how to fuse both my love for painting and the idea of surface pattern.
With this in mind, I recently came up with the idea of capturing a fond memory and fusing it with a repeat pattern to enter into a very prestigious state-wide art show.  The piece was titled “See I’m dog tree miss?” and I’m so excited that it was shortlisted to be a part of the exhibition which is The Mid West Art Prize. The piece is 1.2 x 1.2 meters in size and is acrylic on canvas. This painting has unlocked so many ideas to incorporate painting and pattern together which really excites me – so watch this space!”.
‘See I’m Dog Tree Miss?’ (featured above)

‘Run Little Dog’ (featured above)
‘Peacock Plant’ (featured above)

‘Waiting for the Perfect Moment’ (featured above)
‘It’s a Big World Baby’ (feature above)