Laura McCafferty

Morning! Happy Monday 🙂

I’m delighted to announce that I have now been hired as Creative Design Assistant for Rachael Taylor Designs! I can’t wait to get stuck in after I graduate! 🙂

For today I am featuring the very talented work of Laura McCafferty. According to her website ‘her work is a blend of traditional craft and contemporary, documentary-style illustration’. Her website also states:

‘Laura McCafferty has long since regarded her work as documentary, recording the life events of ordinary people through drawing, which she translates into large figurative dramas in which her subjects are depicted with much humour and warmth.’
I particulary love her ‘Japan Collection’, due to the striking contrast in traditon and modern day. The lovely lady is allowing me to interview her for my dissertation in regards to this collection. Thank you Laura! See more of her work on her website!
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The two images above are part of the ‘Japan Collection’