Module 2 Final Showcase – Part 1

Happy Friday!

Today we are featuring beautiful designs from ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ students. We are proud to showcase their diverse hard work at the end of module 2. We can’t wait to start module 3! (Another 5 parts to follow from our ‘Module 2 Final Showcase).

Moody ‘Nue Floral’ by Thalia Economo
Richly coloured ‘Summer Blush’ by Abigail Sims

Funky and contemporary ‘Floral Wallpaper’ by Amy Clarke

Quirky layered ‘Teacups’ by Amy Parker

Digitally manipulated ‘Painterly’ by Ange Yake

Contrasting ‘Winter Sprig’ by Anna Duffy

Easter inspired ‘Pysanka’ by Anna Stowe

Cute ‘Knitting Bear’ by Anna Berger

Black and white contrast in ‘Ping Pong’ by Annie Lewis

Fresh floral ‘Folkbloom’ by Bethan Janine Westran

Large scale florals in ‘Petal Play’ by Bonnie Christine Bonnie Christine

Retro style ‘Call Me’ by Jane Thorley ([email protected]

Bright, pattern based ‘Scattered Floral Design’ by Claire Caudwell

If you are interested in joining us for module 3, class starts April 16th.
We are also running a second series starting on April 23rd.
For more information you can visit our website here.