Strikingly Similar Design…

Here it goes…

I’m a posting this today as I understand the importance of standing up for yourself as a designer & your intellectual property rights… to not be scared… to speak out & protect what’s rightfully yours.

I have received numerous emails lately from concerned clients, customers & supporters of my work.
It appears that British superstore Marks & Spencer  have a design that is well… what can I say… more than ‘strikingingly similar’ to my ‘Etched Floral’ hand drawn original design (first published in 2008).

It’s one of my signature designs & I just want to point out  that I never granted permission for Marks & Spencer to use my design…

My ‘Etched Floral’ design has been a key print for my brand & has been sold successfully on my own branded products along with achieving international success as a licensed design throughout the UK, Europe & the USA.

Here are the images… I have been told that the top has been produced in at least three different colour ways & has been documented as being displayed in several key window displays from London to Bradford stores & many more…

I wanted to share this with you on the blog to raise awareness.

The Marks & Spencer  top (above left) & my Etched Floral tea towel (above right)
My ‘Etched Floral’ tea towel (above)
My ‘Etched Floral’ tea towel (above)

The top in store at Marks & Spencer (above)

 My ‘Etched Floral’ card (above)
Marks & Spencer top (above left) My ‘Etched Floral’ tea towel (also in pink, on the right)
My ‘Etched Floral’ tea towel (above)
My licensed British ‘Etched Floral’ wallpaper design (above)
My licensed USA ‘Etched Floral’ lighting design (above)

My ‘Etched Floral’ design licensed with Seascape lamps (2 images above)
  The Marks & Spencer top (above) 
My ‘Etched Floral’ oven mitt as featured in ‘The Times’ as the ‘Linda Barker Choice’ (above)
My ‘Etched Floral’ tea towel range featured in celebrity chef Gizzi Erskine’s column for ‘Company’ magazine (above)
My ‘Etched Floral’ oven mitts & apron featured in ‘Concept for Living’ magazine (above)

The ‘strikingly similar’ design shown in an M&S window display in the Bradford city centre store.

The list goes on… the design has made several appearances on television also.

My blog (as it always is) has been left open for voluntary comments & feedback.