Carolyn Gavin

Recently Rachael announced that she is now a proud member of the Lilla Rogers Studio. For the next few months we have decided to feature a regular weekly showcase from Lilla’s esteemed group of designers & Illustrators. Today we bring you the lovely Carolyn Gavin.

Carolyn, a Canadian illustrator based in Toranto, Canada is also partners with Mark Gavin under the name ‘Ecojot.’  She has also lived in J’bury, South Africa & London, UK. Carolyn is inspired by the world around her particularly from her traveling. Carolyn tends to start her illustrations by drawing & painting, then manipulating them on Illustrator. Carolyn has many clients including Barnes & Nobel, Casauri, Paperchase & many more. You can find more about Carolyn on the Ecojot Facebook page or by following her on twitter @ecojot. Enjoy, Hannah.