Module 1 October Showcase – Part 1

For the next week we will showcasing the amazing work coming out of the October session of Module 1 of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course)’, & what a fantastic session it’s been! We are so proud of all our e-course graduates – we have been updating our ‘Alumni Success’ page & never fail to be staggered by their success so soon after taking the course. Well done everyone! See below for a selection of work from our talented students! We also asked them to write a sentence or two about what has been powerful about the course and how it has helped them develop as a designer, read below! Such fantastic comments!

Jazzy triangles in ‘Trimix’ by Ana Carolina Jobim
“The course helped me especially in the search for inspiration, now I do not worry so much with the final product and let the process happen naturally, this is giving me more creative possibilities. Also it was really motivating to learn about the creative process of such talented designers.”
Hand-drawn ‘Fantasy Floral Garden’ by Dawn Rae Conery
“ABSPD Module 1 e-course has opened my vision to a whole world of design instruction that I had little hope of finding without it! The information given was vast and the bonus exercises were so helpful. The support and camaraderie of the social aspects of the class were, and continue to be, the icing on the cake!”
Oriental ‘Manuka’ by Aly Bennet (Native Creative)
Florals & spots in ‘gobennygo’ by Brenda of gobennygo
“The course has opened up my mind to different ways of creating pattern – breaking old habits of mine, and tapping into strengths that I was previously unaware of.”
Pretty ‘Bird Ribbon’ by Carol Robinson.
“I have found the focus I needed to develop my designs. This course has given me the direction and information I was looking for.”
Soft pastel in ‘Ikebana 1’ by Elizabeth Sandford.
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far. It has given me a focus to for my creative/artistic abilities. It has given me a lot of food for thought in trying to use my abilities  in trying to, if not earn a living, then at least trying to put them to a more practical use. I love the way it has enabled me to marry my artistic talents with technology.”
Moody ‘Midnight Flight’ by Frances Boyd
“The most powerful element of Module 1 has been acquiring the technical skills to transfer my designs from sketchbook to completed, professional looking images. This has been achieved through the quality delivery and guidance of course mentors, and also the supportive feedback of my peers.”
Bold ‘Deco Pink & Grey’ by Ruth Thorp
“The e-course is a life changing course that is truly inspirational and immensely enjoyable. By drawing on my previous skills and training, this course has provided me with the opportunity to create and develop in a new area of design, whilst embracing the freedom of experimenting and sketching, learning new skills, and finding inspiration in my surroundings by looking at things in new ways – and I’m absolutely loving it!”

Bright ‘Four Lillies’ by Trina Esquivelzeta

“Going back to basics with simple purposeful exercises in week one forced me to rediscover my own drawing skills and develop them into something more purposeful. Using all the pattern vocabulary we were taught I can now ‘read’ patterns and as a result I enjoy them more.”

Not long to go until we run Module 1: Designing Your Way for the final time this year on November 12th. It won’t run again until APRIL 2013 so if you want to get into surface pattern design NOW IS THE TIME! Find out more and register here:
Module 2: Creating Your Professional Identity begins today (November 5th) but you can still join if you are quick! It runs again on 20th January 2013! You can also sign up for Module 3: Monetising Your Designs running next year (2013) on January 14th & April 29th!
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