Module 1 October Showcase – Part 4

Today we have the final part of our Module 1 October Showcase, & what a showcase it has been! We are always so proud of what are students create throughout the e-course & you can see for yourselves all of their achievements on our ‘Alumni Success’ page! We have asked each student to write a sentence or two about what has been powerful about the course & how it has helped them develop as a designer, so you can read about it in their own words! We hope you enjoyed this Module 1 showcase as much as we have! Look out for the Module 3 Graduate Showcase coming soon!

Cute umbrellas in ‘Lovely Weather For It’ by Jessica Wilde
“There’s so much this course has helped me within the space of 5 weeks, although I have a full time design job it’s been liberating designing for myself and finding my own direction and style. Really looking foward to developing this further in the next modules!”
Bold typography in ‘Letter A’ by Amy Watson
“This first module has been so inspiring and has allowed me to rediscover everything I love about design. From starting with basic ideas and sketches, I’ve really enjoyed seeing how my designs can evolve and I now feel I’ve started to find my unique style that I can’t wait to continue developing.”
Layered ‘Wavy Mesh’ by Mi Jung Lee
“This class helped me to be more free with my work and to explore and enjoy the process of creating in vibrant and fun ways. I underscore the fact that education will allow you freedom so it’s really worth it!”
Colourful ‘Floral Samsara’ by Esme Rose Sharples (Blackbirdie)
“The most helpful and inspirational part of the course for me, was learning to draw by hand again, as I had become so used to drawing on the computer. I have learned so much and feel the potential is endless, and now I dream in pattern and print!”
‘Linear Rounds in Fig’ by Jennifer McCabe
“I feel the most powerful element of the course for me was Rachael’s ability to take me back to my artistic roots and remind me how fun and freeing it can be just to make marks from all the inspiration around me. This class was such a confidence booster in being able to take those marks and create an eye pleasing pattern without over thinking the process. Thank you!”
Pink & green ‘Flower Pops’ by Kris Liew
“One thing I learnt through this course is, just like what the course has emphasized on, to do something that I love. I believe that if I designed things I truly love, I will find my own design style and experience real joy within me.”
Character illustration in ‘Girl’ by Maria Torset
“This course has opened my eyes again. Now I see more of what’s around me, trying out new materials and experimenting more.”
‘Midnight Flowers’ by Nicola Jones (Gooseberrymoon)
Tropical ‘Parakeets Rock!’ by Lisa Todd

“I have really enjoyed the interaction with students from all over the world; the course is a powerful forum for introducing creative spirits. I have derived huge benefits from the technical aspects of the course work and have learnt to manipulate my drawn work with the computer to open up a world of new design opportunities.”

Not long to go until we run Module 1: Designing Your Way for the final time this year on November 12th. It won’t run again until APRIL 2013 so if you want to get into surface pattern design NOW IS THE TIME! Find out more and register here:

Module 2: Creating Your Professional Identity began November 5th but you can still join if you are quick! It runs again 20th January 2013! You can also sign up for Module 3: Monetising Your Designs running next year (2013) on January 14th & April 29th!

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