Module 3 Graduate Showcase – Part 2

More gorgeous work from Module 3 of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’. During this module you will learn how to make money doing what you love as a surface pattern designer. If you want to start monetising your designs, find out more and register here! You can also read the testimonials from our fab students!

“The most powerful part of the course for me has been fully recharging my creative batteries again after gradually drifting down a differing path for the last few years. I have rediscovered my own design style again after years of designing for others, in industry and am thrilled to be back on my ‘own’ design track again!” Gill Eggleston
“The ABSPD course has fundamentally challenged me to listen to my inner soul, understand my influences, and explore my style / it’s appeal as a brand. Backed up by the incredible wealth of industry knowledge and technical support Rachael and Beth have generously shared, it has given me the confidence to follow my heart over the rainbow into a career in surface pattern design.” Tanya Hammond

“I am deeply grateful for 15 intensive weeks across all three modules. I loved most the briefs, because they gave me a deep insight how my life as a surface pattern designer could be. I gained confidence that I will make it.” Angelika Ullmann
“In addition to teaching me all the necessary skills to succeed in surface pattern design, the ABSPD course challenged and motivated me everyday. It helped me focus on my plan to make surface pattern design my career and it encouraged me to dream big.” Alik Arzoumanian

“Module 3 was incredibly valuable for me. The business side of the textile industry- tools, information and insights were something I needed to continue on as a textile designer and soon to be entrepreneur.” Piia Põdersalu
“ABSPD has changed my life. I no longer think ‘I want to be a surface pattern designer’, I now think ‘I am a surface pattern designer’. I have been empowered to fulfill my dreams and for that I am truly grateful.” Anneline Sophia Designs
“This course has the perfect balance of creative inspiration and technical and practical advice. It has substantially increased my confidence as a designer and raised my aspirations. And perhaps the greatest benefit is that it has put me in touch with a global community of extremely talented and lovely designers who continue to offer support and advice.” Emma Cooper
“For me the most powerful element of the course was the encouragement and motivation Rachael gave me to just keep designing, to be true to myself and to take opportunities which would allow me to put my work out there. Its so easy to be overwhelmed by the amazing work that everyone around you is doing professionally – at first this really paralyzed me. Rachael however really makes you feel like if you stay true to yourself and just keep working at it then things will happen :)” Georgina Kattou Vasiliou
“The most powerful element of the course has been getting the motivation I needed to make me realise I can do my dream job!” Kayleigh Walls

“The Module 3 ABSPD e-course has given me all the tools I could hope to find for building my skills as a designer. The Bonus Technical Workshops in both Illustrator and Photoshop have been the biggest boost to my growth and direction.” Dawn Rae Conery
Tina Olsson
“The course has helped me re-‘find’ my style and taught me to be me and to love it! I can’t thank Rachael and Beth enough for rebuilding my belief in the two words, ‘I can’ and so I will!” Simi Design
Anna Dent
“This amazing course has challenged me at so many levels, creatively and spiritually, and has helped me grow as a designer and as an active contributer to my local community. The design titled “For the Animals” was created for my Humane Society’s biggest fundraiser, was printed and made into aprons to wear at our pet boutique! The excitement that this pattern generated allowed me to not only share my passion of SPD but also help spread the word for a great cause!” Melinda Sebastian
“The course helped me to realise I don’t need to work in repeats all the time, which opened me up a lot. Seeing work of so many great designers made me realise I need to work really hard. All the additional awesomeness that came with the e-course (Stylesight access, live briefs etc) has been fantastic.” Marta Spendowska
You can also join us for the next run of Module 1: Designing Your Way, which begins on the 29th of April & for Module 2 : Creating Your Professional Identity, which begins August 19th. You could be on your way to becoming a fully fledged surface pattern designer just like these graduates!