House Beautiful Magazine Feature!

Recently we have been very lucky to have been featured in ‘A House Beautiful Home Business’ book where we were featured as a ‘Beautiful Business’, & now we are in the House Beautiful Magazine! Our  signature ’50’s Inspired’ print was chosen for the ‘Design News’ section of the magazine.

“Have fun with Rachael Taylor’s quirky and colourful pieces”

Our 50’s inspired print has been used a cross a range of diverse products including tea towels, aprons & canvas bags from our own product range as well as bedding, shower curtains, cushions & clocks with DENY Designs. You can find all of our on our shop!
We are so grateful to have been featured!

50’s Inspired Canvas Bag

‘Signature’ Canvas Bag Collection

50’s Inspired Tea Towel
‘Signature’ Tea Towel Collection

DENY Designs 50’s Inspired Duvet Set
DENY Designs 50’s Inspired Throw Pillow
DENY Designs 50’s Inspired Clock

DENY Designs 50’s Inspired Shower Curtain