Module 1 Showcase – Part 1

As we are getting ready to run another module 1 session of “The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design“, we are thrilled to showcase some of the beautiful work from our previous class of designers (from the December 2012 class). We are very proud of the beautiful work this class submitted.

 “Before the course began, I didn’t know where to start or how to make a pattern work, but now the ideas just keep coming!” Susanna Öst 


‘This e-course has given me strength to make my hobby, a PROFESSION. And it has also given me a confidence of DREAMING BIG in life.” Nandita Singh

“Packed with such well thought out content, this class has provided me with a way to get organized and focused. I think it really opened my mind toward new creative work habits. So many things to think about and do; it is great!” Sandra Glennie

“I’m so grateful to the ABSPD course for re-igniting my passion for sketching, and also for giving me the confidence of putting my work out into the world. Thanks Beth and Rachael! (And, Kelly, too!)”Kristen Davis   


The most powerful element of the course was going back to basics, picking up a pencil and drawing on a sheet of paper. I’ve been enamored of my computer for so long that I’d forgotten what it felt like to connect deeply and personally to what I am creating. Module 1 of the ABSPD course has helped me develop as a designer because it taught me to embrace my own uniqueness and not be afraid to put myself into what I am creating. Thank you.” Cate Wilcox

“Rachael provides a huge amount of information, inspiration and encouragement in a relaxed and easy to follow format, which really helped me build my confidence and develop techniques to produce designs I’m really pleased with. It was also great to have the support and feedback of fellow classmates, and I’m so looking forward to Module 2!” Deborah Dewhirst

“Module 1 of this course has been amazing and really opened my eyes up to the amount of inspiration there is available to create pattern designs. Going back to basics and experimenting with collage and paints has really helped with creating fun design work.” Sonia Atwal

“The most powerful element of the course, for me, was the getting back to basics – looking at shapes in a new way and looking for patterns where before I’d never noticed patterns and shapes and patterns everywhere.I am now much more confident in my ability to sketch/draw and create motifs! It’s all been fab – have loved it and it has given me my life back!” Sue Tomlinson

“This course offered the perfect supportive and creative environment to explore new techniques and discover my unique visual voice. I really appreciated the spirit of play and experimentation. Thank you!” Nicole Piar 

If you have ever dreamt of seeing your designs on stationery, homewares, fabric or other products, our next session of classes begins on 29 April with Module 1, registration is open here.